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Book with a Perfecto Helper

The Perfecto Helpers are NOT PROFESSIONAL CLEANERS. They are specifically helpers to help cater to your specific needs in your home. They can provide the following service within the allotted service time you have booked. The Perfecto Helpers have been vetted by Perfecto Cleaning to provide ONLY the BEST to cater to your specific needs.

SERVICE AREA: Spartanburg, Boiling Springs, and Inman Area Only

(Professional Housecleaning needs- please fill out our wait-list questionnaire)

Laundry Service

Wash, Dry, and Fold Service in home with direction of the client.


Laundry Day Guidelines

  1. We will collect, sort, wash, dry and fold or hang as many loads of laundry in your service time slot  as we possibly can for you.
  2. The primary purpose of our “Laundry Service” is provide a laundry service for you that does not include ironing (sorry!) 
  3. Our secondary focus with time between loads as we wait on the washer or dryer, is to " pick up " your home or provide any additional service that you request within our time allotted.
  4. Therefore, additional services are not the primary focus and is provided at the pace and level that time and laundry needs allow.
  5. Additional Services may include quick tidy and picking up of high use rooms, light touch up cleaning of dirty areas, and some “daily tasks” like loading the dishwasher, making beds, picking up toys.
  6. We do not accept responsibility for damage (make sure you only have us wash items that are washable and are not “dry clean only”, or will shrink or fade).
  7. We will only launder what is found in the dirty clothes receptacles (your dirty clothes hamper, or laundry baskets clearly marked “dirty”)
  8. We will not collect adult clothing from floors to be laundered (to avoid mistakes for “dry clean only” items)
  9. We will collect towels, underwear, t-shirts, socks, baby clothes, children’s clothes, etc. from floors to be washed.
  10. We wash all loads on the “quick cycle” if there is one.
  11. We wash on cold / warm cycles with your direction on how you would like items washed and which products to be used for each laundry load.
  12. We will use your laundry detergent, laundry booster pods, and dryer sheets.
  13. We will not use liquid bleach. Please provide laundry booster pods for whitening.
  14. We may leave large bulky items drying when we leave if our time is up.
  15. We will make every effort to wash and dry the “hard stuff” first (socks, clothes, t-shirts) and try to only leave the “easy stuff” drying if we will run out of time (like towels).
  16. Your feedback is appreciated to help improve your laundry service experience.
  17. We will fold clothes, place them in drawers, or on beds, per your specifications.

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Laundry Questionnaire


1. Book your Laundry Service in the link below "BOOK NOW".

2. Fill out the Questionnaire Below & Submit!

3. Your information is saved for future services booked.

4. Sit Back & Relax! Your Laundry is clean & folded.

5. Go Ahead and book your next service asap! :)

First Name*

Last Name*

Phone Number*

Email Address*

Street Address:*

Service Area:*

How did you hear about our services?*

Whom should we thank for the referral?

List specific additional services you would like done while we wait on the washer or dryer: Ex: Sweep, Wash dishes, pick up toys etc.*

Leave my Washer and Dryer Running if the alloted booking time has ran out:*

All my clothing will BE SEPARATED before the perfecto helpers arrival and ready for wash. If not, please list specific directions on how you would prefer for us to wash your clothing items below otherwise. We do not accept responsibility for damage. (make sure you only have us wash items that are washable and are not dry clean only or will shrink or fade. We will only launder what is found in the DIRTY clothes receptacles or laundry baskets that are Clearly marked DIRTY). *

Please use the following to products to wash and dry my clothes:*

How may the Perfecto Helper enter your home? Lock out fee will apply if the perfecto helper can not enter the home.*

Please list where the Perfecto Helper may find the following if needed during service time: Laundry Supplies, Dish Soap, Trash Bags, and Cleaning Supplies.*

Lastly, Where may we put your folded laundry?*

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